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The Legba Sessions
lester franco toxic britney spears cover
Live, Lowdowns & Whiskey (2017)

... more music from Lester Franco


- Superlitio (Colombia)

- Joel Hellman (USA)

- Boz Boorer (UK)

- Jenny And The Mexicats (Mexico)

- Gianmarco (Peru)

- Alexander Acha (Mexico)

- Rodrigo de la Cadena (Mexico)

- Mijares (Mexico)

- Yuri (Mexico)

- Marco di Mauro (Italy)

- Sergio Vallin (Mexico)

- Nadia (Mexico)

- Duane Betts (USA)

- Jesse & Joy (Mexico)

- Alex Ubago (Spain)

- Lena (Cuba)

- Jorge Villamizar (Colombia)

- Somnous (USA)

- Marconi (Mexico)

- Timbiriche The Musical (Mexico)

- Mentiras The Musical (Mexico)

- Sandoval (Mexico)

and many more....



HELP! (Official Music Video)
TOXIC (Official Music Video)
Love You Like Me (Official Music Video)
Aftersex Madness (LIVE)
Fever / 60 Minutes (LIVE)


Past Shows


“We love the blues, jazz, Rock & Roll, nice clothes, cool shows and good whisky…”“

Lester Franco is a singer/songwriter and performer of 

Mexican/Italian descent and currently based in London. 


His musical career began as a guitarist for Latin- American artists 

and performing in countries such as the US, Mexico, Ecuador & Cuba.

After studying music production in California and Italy, 

he then went on to become the Junior A&R for Warner Music Mexico & Latin America. 

At the same time, he founded his own entertainment company “Mad Grand” 

and he built his recording studio “The Hangout Studio”.


He went on to produce other artists and released his debut album 

as a solo artist; “The Legba Sessions”.

His follow up album  “Lowdowns, Whiskey & Live” 

was recorded during his first ever live show as Lester Franco. 

Something no artist has dared to do before.


His band Lester Franco & Her Majesty’s Secret Service performed 

several shows around Mexico and became the official act for 

Starbucks Mexico before he established in the UK.

Lester’s music is a mix of rock, pop, blues and jazz 

with a latin soul which makes his sound unique, nostalgic and powerful.


His live shows are an experience and every one is different from one another. 

Incorporating fire, aerial, contortion, burlesque and theatrics 

while playing either with an 11 piece band, a big band, or a 4 piece band, 

he has mastered the live stage and has caught the attention of the public 

as well as the press with his unusual shows and exotic performances.


Lester has just released his version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” along with his own 

song “Help” which was produced by Morrissey’s musical director; Boz Boorer. 

Lester Franco is currently working on his new full-length studio album

and will begin his 2020 “Horses in Transit” tour.



"Toxic" & "Help!"
Music Video Shoots